MMG, thanks so much for the fast shipping and quick correspondence! This is, bar none, THE most comfortable compliant grip I’ve ever experienced, and I see many long walks in the woods and great days at the range with my AK ahead of me, thanks to this craftsmanship.

Hope it finds you well, and you keep much business for years to come.
— Sean K. - November 2017

Just wanted to thank you again for still being the best option for my featureless builds in CA. I started using Maglocks, but with the new CA laws, I’m moving back to featureless. I’ve put an A2 stock on a different AR and it’s automatic that I put a MonsterMan grip on it.
— Robert Y - Tustin, CA

Thank you for your grip so far it’s my favorite!
— José T

With the new gun laws in California, the MMG is by far the best option for anyone who wants to turn their rifle into a featureless rifle. The MMG is professional looking and feels great when shooting.
— Richard S. - San Diego, CA

MonsterMan shooters place 2nd and 4th in Bay Area Rifle Championship

(look for the video on the Video page)

4/14/08 - Richmond, CA - MonsterMan Grip shooters Henrik B and Chris L scored 2nd and 4th place respectively in the Semi-Auto Tactical division at the 2008 USPSA Bay Area Rifle Championship on Sunday.
“It totally came down to the skills of the shooters” remarked Chris after the awards ceremony. “Our MonsterMan Grips gave us the same amount of control over our rifles as the pistol-gripped shooters. Regardless of shooting position, our MonsterMan gripped rifles got the job done. Also, by keeping us compliant with California’s SB23 we were able to use our legally-acquired hi-capacity magazines to minimize time spent reloading. No complaints - this is a cheap and effective solution to allow you to enjoy both your off-list rifle and hi-capacity magazines.
— Chris L

Dear MonsterMan Grips,

I love the grips that you have made for the AR & AK type rifles. They are very ergonomic, fit my hand well and look great on the guns. I have 2 for my AR clones. And I have 4 (2 Nylon and 2 Wood) for my AK clones. Thanks for building such a wonderful product to allow me to use my preban mags.
— Steve Groveland, CA

For those stuck behind the Great Wall of California, the MonsterManGrip is THE only way to go if you have hi-cap mags (purchased before 12/31/00). I use the MMG on 2 of my rifles and it allows me a comfortable grip that only took a couple of rounds to get used to. Believe it or not, now pistol grips feel a little awkward to me, go figure. Thanks for the great product and a super reasonable price!!
— Brian Glendale, CA

Great news!!! I saved over 15% on my AR build by switching over to the Monster Man Grip.
Thanks Monster Man!!!
— Soopafly Calguns.net

I was at a loss what to do with my 30 round mags. I love the freedom of MMG.
— Matt

The Monster Man Grip is great! It’s the best option there is for people in states like California. It may not be the same as a normal pistol grip, but it still fits the look of the AR and we can drop magazines the way God intended!
— Nathan Cypress,CA

A friend of mine told me about the MonsterMan Grip. Since I shoot 3-Gun Matches and wanted to make my rifles California-compliant, I decided to try one on my match gun. It works great...I don’t even notice that it’s not the original pistol grip when I shooting. I recommend this to everyone in California. I’ve put one on all my AR’s...
— Francis L. Santa Clarita, CA

Love the MMG on my AR15 and AK. Looks good, works great and perfect for California.
— Rick Indio, CA.

I have your MonsterMan Grip for my Stag-15 lower. I find your grip pretty comfortable and very easy to adapt to. For a California compliant (by the rules) AR-15 grip adapter, it’s also the best looking option out there. Good job for a well made product. Also, good job for giving people who live in restricted states the option of owning an AR-15 in its closest form.
— Uncle Johnny

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