Photo of a happy customers rifle!!

Photo of a happy customers rifle!!

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The all new MMG-AK is made from glass filled nylon providing superior strength while keeping it light in weight!

No adapter or trimming needed!

Hardware included!

The New MMG-AK is designed to fit standard Romanian AK47 stock profiles. This grip has side texture and logo like the popular MMG-AR.

NOTE: A customer has informed me that he had an issue fitting a MMG-AK onto a Bulgarian Arsenal SAM7r. He had to use a slightly smaller screw (he picked one up at a local hardware store) and he had to file some plastic off the grip to make room for the trigger guard. He did get it on after those slight modifications.

Keep your AK47 legal and your magazines detachable by simply replacing your banned pistol grip with this legal grip alternative. CA BOF Agent Frank Navarro testified in a California courtroom that the MMG is legal when correctly used. Make sure you use with a fixed stock that prevents the hand from wrapping around the grip and no banned features on your off-list AK rifle. 

A friend of mine told me about the MonsterMan Grip. Since I shoot 3-Gun Matches and wanted to make my rifles California-compliant, I decided to try one on my match gun. It works great...I don’t even notice that it’s not the original pistol grip when I shooting. I recommend this to everyone in California. I’ve put one on all my AR’s!
— Francis L. Santa Clarita, CA

Wood MMG-AK (Available in Limited Runs)


Currently Sold Out....

The MMG-AK is a wood grip that is manufactured by Iron Wood Designs. It is made to fit a "off list" AK-47 type rifle so no adapters are needed. It comes "un-stained" so you can stain it the same color as your existing AK furniture or stain it what ever color you want. The grip is very comfortable to hold in your hand while shooting and it mounts very securely to the rifle. These are much more expensive than the nylon MMG-AK grips due to the fact they are hand made out of wood.

ATTENTION NEW YORK & other states, the MMG may benefit you guys as well.  When using the grip, it often removes it from the "Assault Weapons" category of most states (See your local laws to be sure it will work for you).  

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