A friend of mine told me about the MonsterMan Grip. Since I shoot 3-Gun Matches and wanted to make my rifles California-compliant, I decided to try one on my match gun. It works great...I don’t even notice that it’s not the original pistol grip when I shooting. I recommend this to everyone in California. I’ve put one on all my AR’s!
— Francis L. Santa Clarita, CA



The MMG-AK is a wood grip that is manufactured by Iron Wood Designs. It is made to fit a "off list" AK-47 type rifle so no adapters are needed. It comes "un-stained" so you can stain it the same color as your existing AK furniture or stain it what ever color you want. The grip is very comfortable to hold in your hand while shooting and it mounts very securely to the rifle. These are much more expensive than the nylon MMG-AR grips due to the fact they are hand made out of wood.


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MMG-AR with AR-AK Adapter

MMG-AR Grip w/AR-AK Adapter

Another popular option is to use an AR/AK Grip Adapter and then adapt the MMG-AR grip to fit your AK. The MMG-AR needs to be adapted by trimming the "Fin" on the grip to fit your AK's stock profile and the grip adapter. You can use a file or even better a dremel tool if you have one.

MMG-AR Grip w/AR-AK Adapter

Adapted MMG-AR next to Wood MMG-AK

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